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Lantana Lip Lab


What We Have to Offer

Serving All Your Beauty Related Needs

Founded in 2020 by Lynn Calzada, Lantana Lip Lab, a new and exciting concept to Memphis, TN, is committed to customer satisfaction. We offer fully customizable lipsticks and lip glosses. The customer can start with the base of their choice and then we will guide them as they select the pigments based on their individual physical characteristics. Once the lipstick takes shape we can tone it by muting, brightening, adding more depth or lightening. We can also warm the color by adding a yellow base color or cool it down with a blue based color. 
In the next step we will add a luminosity to give the lipstick some dimension and we have over 20 to choose from. The customer can add a subtle shimmer that does not shift the color of the lipstick or they can go bold with a shade shifting duo chrome, the possibilities are endless.
In the final step they can select from 17 different flavors and essences as well as add in a plumper, spf or a multi-floral complex, which is a free radical fighter that increases the skins immunity and contains polysaccharides to help seal in moisture while balancing the natural moisturizing factor to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
The lipstick will then be blended through a professional grade centrifuge and poured into a mold while the customer watches!


Custom Blended Lipsticks and Lip Glosses

Starting at $30 and continuing up to $200 packages with free gifts

Looking for a specific lipstick shade or need us to replicate a favorite discontinued item to help you get ready for a night out on the town? Lantana Lip Lab Cosmetics Store is a new exciting concept to Memphis, TN offering you all the beauty items you need to get some heads turning at your next event.


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5101 Sanderlin Ave Suite 113
Memphis, Shelby County 38117


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